1st doll quilt

My little 5 year old and I finished her 1st doll quilt.  Actually she uses it with her little stuffed animals.  She is very proud of herself and has been asking to make another :0)   We will - soon!

DD#2 hasn't finished her quilt yet. She's working on more complex blocks - she made a lot of progress.  I thought I'd show the handkerchief she embroidered for me for Christmas. I was so surprised - I had no idea she was making me one.  I had been hinting back in the summer when she made one for her friend.  I'm so glad she remembered!!  I just LOVE the palm tree :0)

As for my own projects, I have been staying focused.  I've made good progress on at least 5 different quilts but I really don't have anything to post.

Happy Quilting!!