progress on my fall project

I've been working on these leaf blocks on and off.  I love these colors any time of year but I have a plan to display this in a specific spot come fall.  My plan was to set them like this first picture but I couldn't resist playing around with the blocks  :0)
 I thought I'd show you some of my options.
 I think I have a new favorite picked out.
 Which one do you like best?
I have a new spring project I want to start on - thought I'd finish this one up first.  If I did this more often I'd have less ufo's.  However, a person needs to have a few (several) current projects on the go right??

I did get my zigzag blocks put together and now I am deciding on wide border/ narrow border/ no border.  Right now it pretty much looks the same as in the last post only wider.

Happy Quilting!!