courthouse steps finish

Today is my DD#2's birthday. It seems fitting that tonight she can sleep under her new quilt.   

 It took me a very long time to machine quilt this quilt.  It is SO heavy with seams and with the Warm and Natural batting inside.  The time was spent in the procrastinating not exactly at the machine. 
 I was going to try to free motion quilt this quilt but in the end I stitched in the ditch  - about 1/2 of the ditches - I figured that was enough quilting.  I am really happy with how the feathered border turned out.  It shows up better than I thought it would.
It looks great on her bed.  It's 104 inches long and tucks in really far - this quilt won't be coming untucked in the middle of the night.  No cold toes  :0)

Happy Quilting!!