Pictures from the show part 1

There were so many wonderful quilts at the quilt show.  I took a lot of pictures. There was a special applique exhibit that has some marvelous quilts that I'll share next post.   These are just a few - enjoy!
 This quilt was SO fun.  It was huge!  Can you imagine sleeping under all these pink flamingos?  :0)

 This is a vintage quilt.  I loved the pattern and it had some fabulous fabrics in it. I sure wish my picture wasn't blurry.
 Like these cowboys  :0)
 And this wild, pretty print.  This could be leftover fabric from someone's dress?

 This pineapple quilt had a great border of smaller pineapple blocks.  So scrappy!

 I adored the quilting on this quilt.  I think it was done by machine but it gives me ideas for handquilting.
 This one was so eye catching.  The scrappy blue background is so rich.

 Loved this applique.

Another pretty scrappy quilt. 
More soon!
Happy Quilting!