4 year old ideas

So I dropped off my 2 oldest at daycamp today and I asked my 4 year old son what should we do and he suggests... "Let's go to the quilting store" what a great idea!! What a little sweetheart. (he likes going because they have good toys)

Well I found the perfect snowman fabric for a winter project. (not that I'm thinking about winter or anything) I can't get a picture to show the cute little faces on the snowmen - but its perfect. Its from Andover Fabrics.

A cute little summer kit hopped into my arms too (and I never buy kits) - from Applepatch designs. Terry Morberg makes such great patterns. I'll have to whip it up quick 'cause summer won't last much longer.

The other picture is of a UFO I pulled out to work on this weekend. There were 12 blocks initially but it just wasn't what I wanted. I did the applique this spring and put it in instead of 3 of the blocks. It still needs a border. The applique in progress is in my blog header. I was working on it at a lake overlooking the mountains and couldn't resist taking a picture to remember a lovely quiet evening of stitching. My DH was out fishing with the kids.
I just can't get these pictures to go where I want them - arg!!