wedding quilt

I've been working on my new quilt - the brown and pink one - but I want to have several blocks made before share any pictures of it. So here is another quilt made by my grandma - my wedding quilt. Skip ahead 70 plus years from the last quilt of hers I posted about- this one was made in the 1970's. Can you tell :0)
While embracing new materials, it is constructed in the old way. Handpieced from poly/cotton broadcloth. It is handquilted with a thin polyester batting. For binding the backing has been brought around to the front and machine stitched down.
My Grandma loved making quilts. She had 7 grandchildren and made each of us a wedding quilt well in advance. (for my sister, the wedding quilt was completed before she was born) When I was a young girl we drove across Canada to visit my Grandma every other year. I liked to ask my Grandma to see the wedding quilts. She kept them stored in a cedar chest in her bedroom. We had to wait until the work for the day was done, the supper dishes washed, dried and put away - only then would we go up to her room and she would spread the quilts out one by one on her beautiful 4 poster bed. I remember liking my cousin Marilyn's best - it had appliqued ladies with parasols on it. I think she rather enjoyed this request from her Little Miss Muffet (her nickname for me) to see her quilts. Years later when she moved from her house into a senors apartment the cedar chest was sent out west by train for me to have.
She didn't label her quilts but she did embroider the name of the intended recipient and the year it was completed on the back edge. (I don't even do this much) Sadly she passed away several months before I got married. She was nearly 99 years old and had lived a long full life ... with many quilts to show for herself. My husband and I don't use this quilt very often - it's a little bright :0) On cool evenings in spring and fall we use it over our regular quilt to save getting the down duvet out again. This spring we have used it a lot!
Happy Quilting!