basket of flowers

I'm happy to have this basket of flowers block finished. (it still gets a little bit of embroidery yet) It was a fun challenge but I stressed a bit too much over fabric selection.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it from here. I had thought maybe a border of small pieced churn dash blocks. Someone from my guild suggested just framing it as is and not quilting it. I think I'll have to ponder it for awhile.

Now I have no applique or handquilting projects on the go - I need to have some portable handwork project on the go at all times! I'll have to get something together later today :0) There are a few people working on The Civil War Bride quilt - they have a blog together here I love the variety in the blocks and its tempting to join them but it is a LARGE project!
Happy Quilting!!