some progress

This is my newest applique project. It is a wreath inspired by a horseshoe shaped block I saw a picture of on Janet's blog a while back. After "visiting" the picture several times I knew I wanted to make something using the happy flower shapes.
I have spent some time arranging and rearranging the second half of this wreath - and yes the seam ripper has been used. Finally I have a plan! :0) I still don't know yet what I'm going to do in the center - obviously I can't fit it all in - some of it will though I think.
Here is the original block taken from a book of antique Baltimore Album quilts. Thanks Janet for letting me post your picture here! It is such a happy arrangement of flowers, leaves and buds - I find it quite irresistible. :0)
I'd be making faster progress on the wreath if I wasn't making these blocks at the same time. Just this little bit of applique is a bit of a distraction. I am enjoying the process and there is no rush!
A friend of mine went to Houston and she has posted a few lovely antique quilts and some others on her blog here.
Happy Quilting!!