something to show for myself

This quilt top is hot off the ironing board :0) It's my first leader and ender quilt. It turned out very different than I thought when I started sewing my bright little squares together - but I am delighted with it.
I started cutting little 2" squares from all the fabrics I was using as I worked on other projects. Then they slowly became 9 patches. That is what makes this quilt so special to me now. There's little bits from the Christmas stockings I made last Dec, there's bits from both crib quilts I made this year, bits from the quilts I haven't finished yet... you get the idea. :0) Just looking at this quilt I can remember all the projects I made and all the enjoyment I had quilting this past year.
I want to get this basted to hand quilt over Christmas - I always want handwork and there is little time at Christmas to do prep work. In my mind I imagine elaborate feathers quilted in a wide border around the sides :0) as if! I do NOT know how to to that.
My parents were here visiting last week which is why I didn't get anything posted. My Mom bought me these beautiful roses which I am enjoying very much as the snow falls outside.
Happy Quilting!!