more of what I'm working on

Now that the machine quilting of the basket quilt is behind me I have time for piecing again. Yeah!
I just love making these blocks - they're so happy. I love that when I have 10 minutes I can pop into my sewing room and make some flying geese and then later do some trimming and before I know it another block is made. :0) I know I want to piece the top with sashing as shown, in the Gone to Texas book the quilt has alternate 12 inch blocks of blue fabric - a small change but one that necessitates figuring out yardage requirements (more math) I'm going to make 16 blocks for a larger quilt.
I've been working on this project again too. I had finished all the flower blocks awhile ago and now I'm piecing them into the big blocks. I have some decisions to make about sashing for this quilt. I think pieced sashing would be too busy. I like the look of the light colored carpet and may just do plain cream sashing. What do you think?
It was not my original intention to put the blocks together this way. You may remember this post where I tried the blocks a bunch of different ways. I was a bit worried about what the center intersection would look like as I hadn't been really careful about the width of the stems. They're not perfect but I think I can live with it.
People around here (not quilters) have been asking me what/who these 2 quilts are for - I tell them "for my entertainment" or "for the joy of making them" because I simply must be sewing something!
Happy quilting!!