more Christmas sewing

I finished my 4th block for my Bird of Paradise quilt.
This block was a lot of fun to stitch. I wanted a red urn so I decided to
put pears on the table instead of apples. I opted for an extra flower instead of a butterfly in the lower right corner. I do like butterflies - I'm not entirely sure why I'm leaving them out of this quilt, but I am.
I have been doing some sewing for Christmas too. My guild was making this table runner with a different method for curves that I hadn't tried before. I'm still at the piecing stage. I am changing the pattern and still have some setting decisions to make.
As you can (hopefully) see the flying geese units are 3 dimensional. In theory they get stitched down to make curves. Some of the seams are very bulky and I've been thankful for my Featherweight machine which sews over the bulk easily. I'll have to stick to it to get this project finished before Christmas. I would like to as I am hosting Christmas for my side of the family this year and it will be the first time we're really home for Christmas. So, I'm thinking I'd like a few more more decorations. There's still time yet... right?? :0)
Happy Quilting!!