more applique

With the kids back to school things are every bit as busy around here as they were in the summer. All my big plans to have more time to sew - lol.
In the evenings I have carried on with this applique block. It's based on a pattern in the Dec 2002 AP&Q. It was meant to be machine appliqued and since I'm doing it by hand some of the shapes needed to be changed a bit. I want to do something different in the center - I had it started last night but then pulled it all off - back to the drawing board for me. I am, however, happy with it to this stage.
And I've been missing making Courthouse steps blocks. They were so fun to sew. These Album blocks are a little less fun but I'm happy to see the pile of blocks growing.

I did not get the borders on the Courthouse steps - I haven't even washed the fabric we picked out yet - too much other wash to do around here :0)

Happy Quilting!!