a new project

I have started a few new projects lately - yikes! Here is one of them. DD#1 knows that DD#2 getting a new quilt before she does is incorrect in the order of fairness. Not that I've finished the courthouse steps quilt yet :0) Anyway to keep everyone happy I have started a new quilt for DD#1.
She has chosen the color scheme and the pattern is from the May/June Quiltmaker magazine. So far it is all from my stash. I see that I might want to work in a little more variety of cheddar/golds and maybe some brighter yellows. I calculate that I will need 46 blocks so I'll be at this one for awhile! It's not my usual type of block. I don't like stitch and flip because of the waste. In this case I am stitching the cut off part into hst's and stuffing them in a ziplock bag. A blue and gold quilt with lots of tiny hst's is likely in my future :0)

Happy Quilting!!