vine quilt

Here are my first few leaves sewn on my version of the Susan McCord vine quilt. This quilt is going to take a very looooong time to make. Thirteen panels, 89 inches long, filled with tiny leaves. It's lots of fun though and so very colorful.

I took the first few stitches in the airport waiting for my flight to Kelowna. My wonderful husband gave me the weekend "off" and I went for a visit to my parents. My brother was visiting from Toronto - it was a great weekend.
Once I started stitching on my first pieced leaf I realized I was going to have to do something different for thread. I couldn't find a thread color in my bag that would work for yellow and dark stripes in the same leaf. I talked my brother into going to the quilting store in Kelowna to pick up some silk thread. I had never used silk thread before and I am happy with how it is working. I know some people don't like using silk thread. I'm curious to know what you fellow quilters think about it.
Janet at Quiltsalott has done an amazing job of the pattern. Thanks Janet!!

Happy quilting!!