feathered finish... sort of

I was able to take my quilt to the quilt drop off today. The quilt show is this weekend.

It's not completely finished but close enough for display I think. There is a special Red and White exhibit planned and I didn't want to miss out.
I managed to get all the large red triangles quilted but the small squares and triangles will have to wait until I get it back - that's all that's left to do.
The center was my favorite part to do. Drawing the design and seeing it come to life was very fun.
I put the last stitches into the binding last night at 11pm. This morning was lovely and sunny - I had about 10 minutes to get some pictures before taking the kids to school.
Here is how I turned the corner. I used the flower motif from the red squares in the corner and added a couple feathers to "hold hands" with the rest of the border design. The circles filled in the space.
I quilted my initials and the year into the the border as well. This is the 3rd quilt I've done this way. I rarely get around to putting labels on my quilts. (too eager to start the next project :0)
The grass is long and uneven in our back yard - makes the edges look wavy - but it was a beautiful morning and I love the morning light in our backyard.
I am so relieved to have made the deadline and so very ready to work on something else! My Mom is coming to go to the show and my 2 oldest daughters will accompany us. I'll take some pictures to share.
Happy Quilting!!