I finished my Crowfoot quilt top yesterday. It is inspired by a quilt in Betsy Chutchian's book "Gone to Texas" I thought I'd have finished this weeks ago but... summer is very busy!
I had some trouble with my pieced border. I thought I'd done the math right but when they were sewn up the corners were not going to work. I could have just chopped them off - liberated style -but I wasn't going to be happy with them that way. You can see my solution and I am happy with it.
I had to take pictures outside because it's too large to lay out on the floor in my house without moving heavy furniture. Since it was outside, I thought I'd snap a picture of it with my mostly recovered vegetable garden :0)
Here it is draped over the bed. I wonder how long it will be before it's ready to be slept under? I intend to quilt it by hand. Has anyone thread basted a quilt on a hardwood floor before? I'm worried about scratching it up with the needle. Not that I have a scratch-free floor with 4 kids in the house, but I try not to intentionally scratch it.
So now do I get to start something new?? :0)
Happy Quilting!!