catching up

I've been making some progress with my quilt patis diamond stars. I keep running out of the patis templates so I decided to tackle the edge to get some back into circulation. (I should have ordered more but now it's a bit of a personal challenge to see how far I can go with just the one pack)
I want this quilt to become a regular rectangle shape so I made cardboard templates to fill in the top and turn the corner. (I know I could just make some diamond shaped cardboard templates - I just like how easy it is to pop out the plastic ones) I guess I'll need some half stars to fill in the side. It's been so great to have this take along stitching for at the beach and while camping this summer. It's about 1/4 of the size I want to finish at.
I caught up my Summer Star Sew-along blocks from Can the summer really be almost over!?! Here I've put the blocks next to a lamp my Dad made for me out of oak when I was in high school. Any guesses about what it is supposed to be :0)
Happy Quilting!!