finished panel 4

I was excited to finish panel #4 of my Susan McCord vine quilt this week and add it to the others. This quilt is slowly growing and so far I haven't lost momentum on it.
It's still difficult to photograph. I like the closer photos because I can see the colors of the leaves. However, when I see the whole thing I can enjoy the wavy lines created by the main stems.
I printed off panel 5 and will start on it soon. I'm working on a Bird of Paradise block for a few days. I really want to complete that project too!
I quilted my Temecula Summer Stars quilt this week. I am terribly out of practice with machine quilting! I did very simple in-the-ditch quilting.
DD#2 sewed herself a skirt to wear for the first day of school :0) I was proud of her! We went shopping yesterday for flannel to make fall/winter pajamas for her, DS and DD#3 and she asked if I would make them for her because she would rather make quilts than sew clothes. LOL! I can relate to that!
Happy Quilting!!