Squirrel block went fast

I finished my 2nd last block for my Bird of Paradise quilt.  I still have to embroider him an eye so he can see what he's eating. The hardest part about making this block was to get it drawn.  The squirrels will sit in our apple tree eating apples all the time in the fall but I can never manage to get a picture of them.   I found at least 3 antique quilts with squirrels in them but they were never posed quite right. 
 I am quite happy with this block - I think it's the red apples.  I have one more block to draw and I want to put my son in it.  I'm not sure what he should be doing in the block.  Playing video games seems a little inappropriate...  He likes animals but only the "cool" ones like snakes, sharks and stingrays.  Playing soccer maybe...  any ideas??
While I decide on this I will very happily get started on Vine panel #7  :0)

I finally dipped into my Fig Tree fabrics and started making a spring/summer table runner.  I like the long skinny one I made for Christmas so much that it is still on my table.  Once made, this will replace it for a few months I hope.  I did chicken out of the set in seams that usually go into making this block. (I'm such a wimp!)  It's fun to sew with these bright fabrics.  I can dream of spring while I watch the snow come down...

Happy Quilting!!