crib quilt

So I'm back from my trip. It was a fun and relaxing weekend. I did miss my little ones and DH so it was good to come home too. I didn't get as much stitching done as I had hoped to.... :0) Here is a sample flower from my new applique project.
I did say I would post about the baby quilt I made for my nephew. The making of this quilt did not go very smoothly.
I made a plan and drove all over the city looking for just the right fabric. I bought some and sewed some blocks. I sewed them together, didn't like it, and so ripped them apart. I bought more fabric, made some more blocks - sewed them together with the 1st blocks and then ripped them apart. I bought more fabric... Anyway here is the finished product. It is nothing like the original plan. It was a good learning experience and hopefully it will keep my nephew cosy.
I hope everyone else's sewing is going more smoothly! Happy Quilting!