thinking about flowers

We got 6-8 inches of snow this week so far :0( It doesn't look like spring outside but inside...
Every year I start plants inside to plant out in late May when hopefully we've had our last frost. It helps me get through the long wait for spring to see something green and growing. So far I have foxgloves, petunias and bellflowers growing.
I am also thinking about appliquing some flowers. Here it is in black and white. I'm going away for the weekend and I need some portable stitching to take along. I have lots of prep work to do yet but I did get to the quilt store today to get a few bits of fabric I "needed" for it.
I get to go on "my weekend off" this weekend. I'm going to Toronto with my 2 sisters to visit my brother and kids are coming :0) We are going to see my new little nephew who was born in January. I am glad to have his crib quilt finished and all ready to pack. I'll post about that little quilt when I get back.
Happy Quilting!