old quilt

It is now soccer season at our house - a very busy time! I still want to keep my blog up so I will post about this - the oldest quilt in my house. It was made by my grandma, her sister and perhaps her mom around 1905-1910.
My Grandma pieced this quilt top by hand with her younger sister when they were just children - less than 10 years old. It is made from old work shirts and other old clothes. It was made to be used, to keep family members warm at night - a utility quilt. The wool inside this quilt was hand carded from local sheep - perhaps even from their own farm.
I remember talking to my Grandma about this quilt the last time I saw her - she was 98 years old. I wasn't a quilter at the time - there are so many things I would have asked her. Over her lifetime she made many beautiful quilts. I own 4. This one is the most humble.
This picture shows how fabric was used from the front of an old work shirt. The pocket is left on and turned to the inside :0) Life was so different when she was a child. I can't imagine setting my 2 older daughters aged 10+7 to work making a large quilt like this. They have each sewn a doll quilt but that was just for fun.
Happy Quilting!!