outdoor quilt show

Every year there is an outdoor quilt show in my city. It's held at a park - a historic village. It's always wonderful but this year the weather cooperated for a perfect day. There were close to 500 quilts to look at - some of them beautiful antiques. It is not a judged show so I always like to put a quilt in it. I've posted about this one before - its my Lucy's Geese quilt. Machine pieced and hand quilted. It was displayed indoors - in the living room of one of the historic homes in the park.
This next one is made by a friend of mine - it is exquisite!! It was displayed indoors too and I love the bear rug that looks like its just about going to attack. :0)
This one is just so original!
I could have looked at this quilt all afternoon - it had so many great blocks - beautifully done. (it was a bit windy)
This one I just liked the combo of the applique and the piecing. It's so pretty.
I will save the antique quilts for my next post. My parents are here visiting this week so I don't know when that will be.
Happy Quilting!!