old quilts

My parents headed out this morning - it was a good visit. So now on to the old quilts from the quilt show. I wish my pictures were better - the quilts were WONDERFUL. Some were laid out folded, some were displayed on bed in rooms where you had to stand behind the cord... So I did my best.
This one had a wonderful variety of fabrics.
I love the scalloped border on this quilt.
This quilt was particularly difficult to photograph - the quilting was marvelous. I think the blocks have so much interest pieced from striped fabric.
This quilt was amazing - 100 years later it is in unused condition. I love quilts with Flying Geese and the fabric is such a warm lovely cheddar.
I have never personally seen such tiny even stitches. I had read about quilting like this and seen pictures of it but in person ... its incredible!
There are more - but I couldn't figure out how to load more than 5 pictures into one post. If there are people interested in old quilts poorly photographed I will post more later. :0)