little quilts

My three daughters and I were invited to a Little House on the Prairie party this past weekend. It was held out at an old ranch near the mountains. It was a lovely party with old fashioned food, games, crafts... The children looked so cute dressed up in their bonnets and dresses. Near the end the hostess talked a bit about quilting. She had these lovely little quilts displayed - she had made them all from the book Prairie Children and their Quilts.She then gave each child a quilt specially made for them! I have 3 daughters so we came home with 3 quilts!!!
This one was for my youngest. She's 18 months old and just loves dolls. This quilt is perfect for a doll quilt.
Daughter #2 received this one - we plan to make some checkers and play.
My oldest daughter received this one. What special and lovely gifts! The party itself was a gift. What a beautiful day to remember