Thanks for all the great comments on my last post! I decided to go with the last setting. I also decided with that setting the quilt needed to be square requiring 16 more blocks. I've 5 more made - 11 more to go. :0) I thought I'd post my progress with hand quilting feathers. I'm enjoying it very much and although the border really is too narrow for them I like how it looks so far. I'm nearly 1/2 way around the quilt.
I'm probably not quilting them right - I really would like to take a class sometime - learning this skill from a book is not ideal. I also need to figure out what to do with the unquilted parts - are they too big to leave unquilted? What could I quilt in them? I was sort of thinking straight lines/diagonal lines but I'm not sure how far apart. Maybe I could just extend the fans to go around the feathers? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!
Happy Quilting!