trying something new

It's spring break around here which makes for BUSY days ... and not a lot of sewing. DD#3 found a cozy spot in the sun to "cut" her toe nails. :0)

I found a tutorial for starch basting on Jane's blog sew create it and had been meaning to give it a try. I have been doing needle turn applique with freezer paper on the right side of the fabric for years. It was about time to at least try something new. I had to ask where to find spray starch - I've never starched anything in my life. Did I ever feel dumb when I found out where it could be bought - everywhere!! DD#2 thought she'd give me a hand.
After the first few - I am amazed to see that this might actually work - lol
Hopefully I can get these stitched down in the next few days to see what the finished product looks like.
Happy Quilting!!