successful starching

We've been away on a holiday to San Diego. We had a marvelous time - there's so much to do and see. We did have one rainy day and I knew just what to do with it :0)
A drive out to Temecula! I'd seen this shop in the 2009 APQ Quilt Sampler magazine and I knew I would love it.
There was just loads of inspiration everywhere I looked and I loved it all. We enjoyed driving around the countryside as well.
In the evenings I did some applique stitching. I am very happy with how my starch prepped leaves turned out. I was worried that they would look and feel stiff but they don't - not one bit. I starched the wing too - should I have attempted the bird shape? I just appliqued it my usual way.
I'm very excited to be going on a quilting retreat next weekend. I'm looking forward to all the time to sew with no interruptions.
Happy Quilting!!