finished just in time

Last night at 11pm I finished stitching down the binding on this basket quilt and this morning I dropped it off for the quilt show.
I asked my DD#3 if she liked her new quilt. She said "um hm, it cute" (she's 2) I had to smile at a response like that! Sometime this summer we'll move her from her crib to a bed.
It's mostly quilted in the ditch, which is not too exciting, so for the border I
decided to go for it and try free motion quilted feathers. They are a bit wonky and the stitch length is not exactly consistent but it was so fun to do! I'm not a very confident machine quilter - I prefer the pace and rhythm of hand quilting but I will be trying this out again.
I had a difficult time deciding what to quilt under the basket handles. I tried hand quilting flowers but they didn't look right. I tried free motion quilted flowers but that wasn't the look I wanted either. I left the space empty for now and I will revisit it when I get the quilt back next week. I used warm & natural batting so it probably doesn't have to be quilted. I'd be grateful for any suggestions.
Happy Quilting!!