some lovely old quilts

I was very happy to be able to see this exhibit of antique quilts - a free exhibit associated with Quilt Canada.
The quilts I found the most inspiring were too fragile to be hung and so they were layered on a bed. The volunteer who folded them back for us to see didn't fold them back very far but far enough to see how marvelous they were. :0) (The grey along the sides is a shadow not damage thank goodness)
I loved this basket one.
I marveled at the tiny pieces in this beauty.
This one was quite old. The colors are so vibrant and bright. I would have liked to study the fabrics in this one longer. Not to mention see the centre medalion.
This quilt had very nice quilting and I just love the background fabric.
I was inspired and I hope you are too!
Happy Quilting!!