some inspiration

Last week my city hosted Quilt Canada. I was so pleased to see the number of quilts that had been quilted by hand. I'll share a couple of them with you.
This one was my absolute favorite! I wish I could have met this quilter - I'd have peppered her with questions. The next picture is the full quilt.
Sorry this one is sideways - I was focusing in on the quilting and didn't notice :0) I wonder what she used for batting - the quilting shows so beautifully. The applique is really lovely as well. I'm inspired to keep at it. One day maybe I'll be able to quilt like this...
This next one was mostly echo quilted as you can see. I've never tried it - I thought it was quite effective.
Here is the whole quilt. I could have spent a lot longer studying these wonderful quilts but I had my 2 youngest children with me and they are very busy! They were very good (with the help of a friend) and I was happy to be able to go.
There was an antique exhibit as well - I'll post some of those pictures next time.
Happy Quilting!!