something so different even my kids noticed

This is practically the oldest ufo I have. The colors are so not me that when DD#1 and #2 wandered into the sewing room they asked me if the blocks were even mine. :0)
I made 11 blocks of a BOM offered at a LQS about 7 years ago. We had recently moved from a different city and I hadn't made any new quilting friends yet and was missing my old guild. To start it cost $5 and if you brought your completed block to the next meeting your next block materials were free (which is why I only finished 11 - there was no reward for finishing block 12 - lol)
There are some women at my church who are making quilts to send to northern India. I thought I could make a cheerful little quilt for a child using some of these blocks.
I even managed to find the perfect backing fabric 40% off. There is NOTHING in my stash that goes with these fabrics.
This pink block made me laugh. When I made it I thought it was the ugliest block of the batch and the name...Devil's Claw... was just awful. However, it is the exact same block that I am making piles of now for a large quilt. Crowfoot sounds so much better than Devil's Claw. :0)
And I want to share a picture of my foxgloves now blooming profusely in the garden. I start them from seed every March and they will bloom through the light frosts until it gets really cold. In some places they are wild flowers but not in my part of Canada.
Happy Quilting!!