I finished 2 more Crowfoot blocks. One more and I'll have 25 made. They are so fun to make but I'm excited to be getting close to putting this top together.
We haven't seen much sunshine this week - it has been very rainy and overcast and I've been potty training my 2 year old so you know... I've had better weeks. So when Monica over at Diary of a Quilt Maven passed this award on to me it really made me smile. :0) Thanks Monica!
What a pretty blog button - I must figure out how to put it in my sidebar. I am supposed to choose 12 blogs to pass it along to but all my favorite, inspirational, quilty blogs are in my blogroll and I don't think I could choose only 12 of them.

I've had this book out from the library - WOW - what a great book!! So much inspiration! This book will get checked out on my card a lot.

I've been working on my first Civil War Bride block. It's taking awhile and I don't want to post it until it's done but I've been thinking about some blocks I want to design to replace some of the blocks in the pattern. I've been looking at applique quilts in this book and getting ideas. I think I'm going to give my bride a husband and 4 children (kind of like me only I guess it's been a few years since I've been a bride - lol) A couple of the kids could be sitting on a swing like in the center block below.
It was hard to get a clear picture of the block from the book - its a fabulously interesting quilt to look at - it must have been fun to applique. It's called The Burdick family Child's Centennial Album quilt.
I think there's lots of potential to personalize the "Bride" quilt and it will likely be an enjoyable project for years to come :0) Yeah it's going to take me years to applique all those leaves!
Happy Quilting!