Bird of Paradise #2

I have almost finished this second block for my Bird of Paradise quilt. There are a couple of white ovals to applique onto the red and white funny shapes. Are they are supposed to be seedpods, buds, flowers or leaves? I'm not sure which red print I like best (I sort of thought they should match) so I'm going to let it sit for a while before I do the last bit of appliqueing. Maybe I'll change them both and go with green like in the original quilt. I've started the next block - this one has a bird in it. I am really enjoying appliqueing these blocks. They are so different from what I've done before.

This pieced block is made by my DD#2. She's working from a bag of cut off triangles I had saved. I love what she's doing with them. She was a bit disappointed with the center pink triangle that "shrunk". I think it's charming and I really hope she keeps going with this project.
Happy Quilting!!