Happy Valentine's Day

I had to make a Valentine this year. I'm supposed to lead this little project tomorrow night at my guild.
A good friend of mine helped me out with the idea. Apparently this little heart basket is a Swedish Christmas ornament. When she was little she made them at Christmastime out of paper to hang on the Christmas tree. This one is made out of fabric. It's supposed to have goodies in it - I'll have to take care of that detail tomorrow :0)
I finished another block for my Bird of Paradise quilt. It's block #1 in the quilt. It's the only symmetrical block in the quilt which makes me wonder - Why? I'm starting the Bride block next. I'm quite excited - it's such a pretty block.
My daughters and I were busy baking today. Cookies were needed for school. My mom made cookies like these every year and so I do too :0)

I wish I could give one to each one of you. Happy Valentine's Day!!