There hasn't been a lot to post about here in the last while. Everyday I make progress on something but progress is SLOW. I still want to contribute something to this quilting blog world that I enjoy so much so here is a peek at my current applique block-in-progress.
It is the Bride block for my Bird of Paradise block. As you can see there is no Bride yet ... :0)

Just because projects are progressing slowly doesn't mean I'm not dreaming about new ones - lol. I should stay away from my LQS. This fabric I bought yesterday is just delightful. It's "Home to Roost" by Renee Nanneman. I have a few different ideas running through my head as to what to do with it. If only I had more time to sew...
Books are a constant source of new ideas too. This is what I've been looking at lately. The Swedish Quilts book is from the library so it'll have to go back - it was very interesting. The Civil War Sewing Circle is sort of a late Christmas present - Kathleen Tracy puts together such lovely books.
I hope to have something finished to show next post.
Happy Quilting!!