deadlines work!

I finished quilting and binding this just in time. It is Scrappy Star Quilt from Kathleen Tracey's book "Remembering Adelia". Every May there is a quilt show (not juried) at the Historic Park in my city and I always like to put something in. Last year I had 2 quilts one of which I finished up the night before I had to take it there. This year it was the same story.
To add a little stress - my sewing machine started skipping stitches and I could not finish up the quilting on it. A good friend of mine kindly let me finish quilting it on her machine. Mine was way overdue for servicing. Maybe I will learn from this lesson and not procrastinate taking it for service. I do sort of use it a lot - lol.

It's not heavily quilted. I did simple straight lines and in-the-ditch quilting for the center.

In the border I did free motion quilted feathers. I've been handquilting feathers on a different project and somehow it comes fairly easily to free motion quilt them on my machine. I`m not a very confident free motion quilter - I'm terrible at stippling or any other design I've tried. With all the repetition my brain must now be programed for feathers :0)
Happy Quilting!!