log cabin corners

I have the setting triangles onto my applique block now. I need to put on the border yet. A friend of mine suggested that I should put a little bit of pink in the border to tie it together better. I think it is good advice so I will put a bit of applique on the border.
It's to be a gift - the recipient chose the blue print that frames the applique block. I plan to quilt this by hand and I want to get it basted so I can start the quilting. Over the weekend I finished quilting my 4 block applique quilt - yeah!! I still need to bind it - I'll post pictures soon! Already I am missing having a handquilting project :0)

The setting triangles were pieced onto big pieces of paper. The pattern for these is in AP&Q magazine April 2001. I've been wanting to try this for over 10 years and I finally did it!

Happy Quilting!!