4 block applique is finished

I am very excited to have this quilt completed! I put the last stitches into the binding yesterday morning and then it was such a beautiful day I had to take it out into the backyard to photograph.

This quilt was inspired by an antique quilt in the collection of the University of Nebraska - Lincoln. I drew the pattern up myself and designed the borders. Lucy's blog Quilting with the Past was a big inspiration to me at the time I was designing it.

I finished the top about 3 years ago - I had only the cream background fabric I saved for the binding left. Maybe red would have made a more interesting choice for binding?

We've had such a gorgeous fall. I can't remember having flowers blooming this late into October before. Here the apple tree still has lots of fall color.
All the non-quilters I show this quilt to want to know what it is for and what I'm going to do with it. It is hard for them to understand that I made this quilt for the pure enjoyment of making it. It will likely reside here in my chair for the first while. Those non-quilters just don't "get it"!

It really is inexpensive entertainment if you consider all the hours I enjoyed appliqueing and quilting it.

I've added the button for Janet's Trailing Vines quiltalong to my sidebar. I'm looking forward to starting another long term project :0)

Happy Quilting!!