a good day for mail

Yesterday there were 2 fun packages stuffed in my mailbox.  I love mail like that  :0)  

I have enjoyed this star project with my Quilt Patis so very much.  I was running out of the neutral background fabric but I wanted to keep going.  It is the perfect project for stitching at soccer practice, the playground,  waiting in the car...   I thought I'd call the shop where I bought it and see if they had more.  It was last July - I wasn't optimistic.  But, with only my phone number and an approximate date they were able to identify the exact blot I had bought from and they had more!  Thank You Village Quilts in Lethbridge!

The other package arrived from the  Fat Quarter Shop.  It's the fabric I ordered with the gift certificate that I won.  I had a lot of fun shopping.  Apparently I like red - a lot.  :0)

 I want to share some pictures from a walk I went on with DD#3 last week.  We went looking for the wild crocuses. 
 It doesn't look too much like spring here yet.  You wouldn't expect to find flowers blooming here.  But, if you look close they are all around on the hill by my daughter.
 I love the soft furry look of them and the pretty purple color.  It always amazes me how they push up through all that dead grass. 
We even saw bees!  It was a beautiful walk!

Happy Quilting!!