learning about borders

I have been busy quilting on the borders of my red and white quilt. I don't think I will have it completely finished in time for the quilt show in May. However, I thought if I could just get the borders finished I could bind it and include it in the special Red and White display they are having this year. The center is mostly done. I still need to add more quilting in the red triangles and squares but at first glance the center has the appearance of being finished :0)
I spent a couple weeks trying to figure out what to quilt in the border. It is just too narrow!! Nothing I wanted to do fit well in the space. The deadline was drawing near and so I went to the local fabric shop and bought a stencil. A design I liked and thought would be dense enough for this quilt. Unfortunately I quilted halfway down one side before I decided it was NOT the right motif for this space.
I decided to drive a little further - on the other side of the city there is a quilt shop that stocks a good selection of quilting stencils. I found this one and am much happier with how it looks. With so many feathers in the center the border looks like it matches better with feathers too. Don't ask me about the corners - lol. I haven't figured out how to turn them yet but... I will.
Somehow I just can't seem to plan ahead with my quilts - projects are always evolving in their own direction. A more organized person would have drawn out the entire quilting design before they started and wouldn't get stuck this way. I was just too excited to get started on the center square. Will I ever change??? Now where is that seam ripper...
Happy Quilting!!