holiday panel 2

We are back from sunny, hot Florida. We had a lovely holiday. I found the Trailing vines project just perfect for travelling. Vine #2 is complete and I am excited to trim and sew it to the 1st piece of sashing and vine panel #1.
I was in a bit of a hurry when I prepped the last 90 leaves to bring and was dismayed to find this leaf with not enough seam allowance.
Oh well - I just left room and kept going :0) It was easily fixed when I got home.
We enjoyed Disney World. We found a booth there selling funnel cakes. A couple people had posted about Funnel cakes last summer and so I was very curious to try them. Delicious!! Good thing they don't make them here!
So were are back to regular life at home. I am itching to start something new and will likely cave soon - maybe even today :0)
Happy Quilting!!