groom block

It has been a very long time since I had some progress to show for my Bird of Paradise quilt. Finally last night I got back to working on my groom block. This is the first block of 6 that I am personalizing to make this quilt my own. I hope I get better at drawing them - the ideas in my head don't get on the paper easily.Once again I am going to procrastinate about the embroidery. I plan to put on a face and some details to make his coat look more coat-like.

Here he is with his bride. He's supposed to be helping her pick apples. I don't think many will fit in his pail - lol.
Next I plan to work on a block with DD#3 and DD#2 on it. They both want to wear pink dresses and carry pink flowers - oh dear! I shouldn't have asked their opinion :0) I have the flowers and leaves prepped and ready to start this weekend. There will have to be some negotiation over the dresses.

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!!