red and white exhibit

I had been so looking forward to the Red and White exhibit and it did not disappoint. The quilts were all hung inside this red and white barn.

It wasn't quite the display they had in New York but I liked that they hung some from above.
This is an antique quilt owned by the park. I have seen it many times - displayed folded up and I always wanted to see it in full. The different borders were unexpected and fun.
The quilting was lovely as well.
This was another antique.
And another :0)
And another. I love this one!
A close up of the block. Between the blocks it was quilted with double lined baptist fans - very fine.
This one was hung sideways - I think because it's so long.
This one had red work with a wonderful setting.
This one had an unbelievable # of tiny hst's in the sashing - just beautiful!
I love the simplicity of this quilt. It looks like it was made to be slept under.
Mine was hung with 3 others. The one above mine was made by a friend from my guild - perfect for Canada Day which is coming up - July 1st.
Another simple one - lovely!
I couldn't post them all. This exhibit was a lovely addition to the annual event.
It was especially wonderful to see the antique quilts. The hand quilting women did back then is a joy to behold :0)
Happy quilting!!