Summer star sew along

I couldn't resist the little star block that the Temecula Quilt Co posted to begin their Summer star sew along. It's a cute little 4 1/2 inch star. They are going to do one a week through the summer. That should be easy to keep up with... :0)
One thing I love about their blog is the way they create beautiful pictures to show their blocks/quilts. They have wonderful old things that they expertly combine to make beautiful pictures. I thought I'd give it a try, however, I don't have much old stuff (DH prefers new stuff). I do have a few things from my Grandmother- like this old spool and the marvelous gingham bias tape. My Grandmother was 98 when she passed away. She had only a small drawer to keep a few things in. This bias tape was one of the things. She wasn't exactly doing a lot of sewing at that point anymore - she must have really liked this bias tape :0) I like it too!
We had a nasty hailstorm a couple days ago - nasty in duration not size. The next day at noon you could still find hail lying around on the ground. It pretty well wiped out all my flowers. I know they will recover... Summer is a short and temperamental season. I'm happy I can quilt all year round!!
Happy Quilting!!