What is that?

I've been doing some sewing - something completely different.
What do you think it's supposed to be?
I know - it looks a bit like a lumpy pumpkin but...
It's supposed to be an orange :0) An orange pincushion attached to a little zippered pouch.
It was so darn cute in the pattern! I think maybe my orange scraps aren't bright enough. The lumpiness is from loading the zipper compartment with actual sewing supplies - it would probably look better stuffed with stuffing like the other half.
A friend and I went shopping at the LQS and couldn't resist the pattern. She came over on Sunday and we spent a remarkable number of hours sewing on this. We called it quits at 11:30pm and I finished mine up today.
It was a fun afternoon/evening - lots of laughter. Even though it's not exactly as cute as I thought it would be I still think it will be fun to use.
Happy Quilting!!