Back in May I bought my very first fat quarter bundle. I fell in love with this California Girl line by Fig Tree and I couldn't resist.
I haven't even opened it yet.
However the door was opened to buy more Fig Tree fabric - oh dear!
I've always admired it but bought little thinking it didn't really go with the rest of my stash. I need to begin making something soon or I'll start feeling guilty about buying so much. At first I was thinking about a Farmer's Wife quilt or some similar 6 inch block sampler. I just can't decide... so
I keep working on my Susan McCord vine quilt. I have only 2 more branches left to do for panel #4 and the fun of sewing on hundreds of little leaves hasn't worn off yet :0) I just love working on this project!
On a personal note - My youngest daughter is starting Kindergarten this fall - next week. She's only 4 1/2 and I thought I'd have her home with me for another year. However, she is SO ready to go - practicing all her numbers and letters and trying so hard to read by herself. She is confident and fun loving and will have a marvelous time. I am so NOT ready for her to go. I've had little ones home with me for over 13 years. I like having little people around - they are such good company. I know I should be embracing this - all the freedom and maybe even more time to sew. But instead, I feel like this wonderful chapter in my life is slipping away...
Thanks for listening :0)