blocks with embroidery

I am happy to have another block made for my Bird of Paradise quilt.  It is my DD#1's block and it would not be complete without her holding a book!

I worked on the grapes while my company was here.  I tried 3 methods for making the grapes before settling on basting them over dimes.  I shot them with a bit of starch and when they were dry I removed the dimes.  They still aren't perfectly round.  Maybe this takes more practice...  ? 
The grapes just looked like floating circles until the embroidery was added.  A friend came over to stitch with me - I feel more confident to embroider with her encouragement.

The embroidery was going so well that when I finished I got out this cherry block and embroidered stems for it too.  I need to have her come back and help me with some of the bird crests on the other blocks!
So only 2 more blocks and the borders left to make for this quilt. Will I finish it in 2013?
Happy Quilting!!