sewing with the kids

There has been lots of sewing going on here this week - a lot of it has not been me. There have been some wild afternoons where 3 kids are all trying to sew at the same time (with the same machine) :0) I love that they are all interested but it would be a lot easier to manage one at a time!
So here is my 6 year old son's first quilt! He chose from a pile of 2 1/2 inch squares. He just loves to run the sewing machine and takes great pride in his ironing. At first glance it might look like a potholder but...
It's a quilt for a Zumbuddy. (soft stuffed toy)
DD#2 has discovered that I have lots of little leftover triangles :0) I of course meant to use them for something... someday... :0) She has BIG plans and wants to make a lap sized quilt with these. (the hst's finish at 1 1/4 inches) She's a determined 9 year old - I'm curious to see how many of these she makes.
DD#1 continues to work on her Irish chain quilt - she does not especially enjoy sewing but wants to have her little quilt finished.

And although the summer continues to be busy I find a few minutes everyday to sew. I've got 2 more Crowfoot blocks made and a growing pile of Courthouse steps blocks.
I'm making good progress quilting on my 4 block applique quilt. I'm still outlining the applique - I love to see the block pattern emerging on the back.
Happy Quilting!!